Assignments Overview

Course(s) Used:

  • Interpersonal Communication

Goals and Objectives:

  • Students are familiar with the Fishbowl Discussion assignment.
  • Students are familiar with the Literature Review assignment

Rationale: This lesson ensures that students are familiar with the two major assignments in the course.

Materials Needed


  • Handout of the Fishbowl Discussion assignment and grading rubric.
  • Handout of the Literature Review assignment and grading rubric.


  • Access to a classroom computer and digital display will be useful.

Outline of the Lesson

  1. Review of previous session’s content
  2. Overview of Fishbowl Discussion assignment
    1. Annotating articles
    2. Discussion portion of assignment
    3. Class questions
  3. Overview of Literature Review assignment
    1. Paper portion of assignment
    2. Presentation portion of assignment
    3. Class questions
  4. How to use these two assignments together
  5. Hands on group work
    1. Example Fishbowl Discussion in class
  6. Lesson closing


This lesson requires student participation and buy-in. Finding a topic for the practice discussion on the same day is a challenge.

Variations and Accommodations

Follow guidance from local accommodation authorities.