Attribution Theory Exercise1

Interaction #1

Your professor has assigned groups for an upcoming project. You end up in the same group as Jane, one of your classmates.

Interaction #2

Today, Jane is 10 minutes late to your third group meeting. She missed the first two meetings. When Jane arrives, she exclaims “I’m so sorry I’m late–I promise it won’t happen again!” As the meeting progresses, it becomes clear that Jane didn’t prepare at all–none of her work is done!


  1. Why do you think Jane missed the first two meetings?
  2. What is your reaction to Jane’s apology and claim?

Interaction #3

Thee days later, you have your fourth group meeting. The meeting started 30 minutes ago, and Jane hasn’t arrived yet.


  1. Why do you think Jane isn’t here yet?
  2. What is your evaluation of Jane? Why?


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