Settled into a New Semester - 2015F

The month of August just flew by between preparation for and the beginning of the first semester. My students are getting ready to give their first presentation next week, and I am starting to get into the swing of a routine. I enjoyed labor day weekend, and managed to make some significant progress around settling into the new residence, so that has done a lot for my peace of mind.


I have been making a lot of moves on several different research projects at once. It feels at once exciting and overwhelming. I am glad to be moving so many projects forward, but I also am aware that these projects will be a temptation that could distract me from my main focus on my dissertation project over the course of this academic year. I’m moving forward on grant-funded research that utilizes the C-SPAN archives, which is a fantastic resource. I am a huge fan of it’s persistent linking abilities that allow you to link not only to a program, but to a clipped out portion of that program. It is a fantastic opportunity for much of the Conversation Analytic (CA) focused work that I do. Not all of my work is CA focused but, for the work that is, being able to share links that point specifically to examples of each of the phenomena that I am detailing is a fantastic feature for research in that tradition.

I am also continuing in my support of the Transdisciplinary Studies in Technology educational research program in Purdue’s Polytechnic program, which has involved a lot of NVIVO work over the last few weeks.

Reading Focus this Week

This week I have been reading over a piece from Communication Monographs (Kramer, 1993) which details uncertainty processes in organizations. I’ll be tracking down and locating a good article or chapter on managing uncertainty during times of organizational change for my next set of readings.