An AutoHotKey Script to Ease Switching Among Virtual Desktops in Windows

Update: as of 2019 I have switched to Linux and no longer use this script. I have no reason to believe it has stopped working, but I make no guarantees. I am a big fan of AutoHotKey. It lets me make a lot of parts of computer interaction faster and easier for me. My most recent project was to make it faster and easier to switch between virtual desktops on my Windows 10 computer.

I Built a Duration Calculator

I get very frustrated when I have to add up durations of time to figure out a total amount of time. The basic communication class at Purdue (COM 114, a presentational speaking class) is being revamped this year. As part of that revamping, the class has gained an “Asynchronous Presentation.” I am a big supporter of this presentation, which amounts to a recorded narration over a PowerPoint-style visual aid, because it uses a lot of important skills for types of presentations that are not taught as well as they could be.