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I Built a Duration Calculator

I get very frustrated when I have to add up durations of time to figure out a total amount of time. The basic communication class at Purdue (COM 114, a presentational speaking class) is being revamped this year. As part of that revamping, the class has gained an “Asynchronous Presentation.” I am a big supporter of this presentation, which amounts to a recorded narration over a PowerPoint-style visual aid, because it uses a lot of important skills for types of presentations that are not taught as well as they could be.

Why this Website?

My adviser tells me that I am a “systems thinker.” She isn’t the first one to notice this – I know that she is right. I am constantly trying to optimize and improve the systems I use in my daily life. I notice when things aren’t working, and I obsess over often think about ways to improve those processes. In fact, this can be quite a bit of a burden, because it means that I am constantly exposed to one of my greatest temptations to procrastination, and it quickly becomes self-reinforcing:

Hello World!

This is a test to make sure that the blogging system is working and generating blog posts correctly. It may not be correctly linking titles at this point. If not, I’ll have to work on that in the future.