The Job Market is Upon Us

So these have started to feel more like a monthly roundup rather than a weekly one, but I’m honestly happy as long as I’m fighting the good fight. My students are settled in, fall is in the air, and the kids are thinking about Halloween now. The federal government even managed to get a budget through without shutting down, so I’m feeling pretty good.


I am presenting my C-SPAN research at conference next week. It has been really interesting to see how everyday introduction sequence norms are modified by candidates and others while the candidate is working the crowd. I’m looking forward to a future line of research that looks specifically at transactional encounters with these focal persons, but I’ll have to put that off until I am back ahead on the dissertation, so perhaps it will be an NCA submission for next year. The Central States Communication Association deadline is Saturday, so I’ll be putting some finishing touches on a submission or two for their teaching-focused division. I also am moving forward on projects on values-centered education and student experiences on organizational exit.

But the real crunch over the next week or two is on the job front. There are a ton of really interesting job announcements that have deadlines during the first three weeks of October, so I am doing a lot of applying. Fingers crossed for success!

Reading Focus this Week

This week I have been reading over a piece from the Journal of Business and Psychology (Bordia, Hobman, Jones, Gollois, & Callan, 1993) which details the effects of different types of uncertainty on members of organizations.