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Students’ perspectives on different teaching methods: Comparing innovative and traditional courses in a technology program

Background: A growing number of educators have started exploring student-centered approaches to improve students’ learning and satisfaction with courses and programs. While prior research shows a positive impact of such strategies on student …

Hashtag feedback: Using text expansion to streamline the process of providing detailed effective feedback

Several methods of text expansion are covered that represent a significant improvement and time savings over the traditional "Word document full of comments I can copy-paste" approach.

Students' perspectives on different teaching methods

This paper analyses perceptions from first year undergraduate students who were able to experience two different learning cultures. Students selected for this study were part of an innovative learning experience during their first semester of college, but decided to leave this program in order to attend regular classes during their second semester. Based on interviews with these students, the researchers are able to comprehend students' perceptions of differences and similarities in the two learning cultures.