Peer Evaluations

Due Dates: You will provide feedback to other students in the class.

  • Traditional courses: peer feedback is completed during the in-class presentations.
  • Online/Hybrid courses: peer feedback is due no later than two days after the presentation due date.


Critically evaluating presentations is a key competency of this course, as is effectively providing and incorporating feedback.


In this assignment you will:

  • Prepared feedback for other presenters.


This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content in this discipline:

  • Verbal and nonverbal delivery
  • Organizing presentations
  • Use of evidence
  • Audience analysis


Traditional courses: Your peer evaluation will be written on a note card during each presentation. You will write a short paragraph or series of bullet points containing feedback on their performance in your assigned area of feedback. Students will be assigned to a topic for feedback randomly from the following four options:

  1. Assignment objective
  2. Organization
  3. Research and evidence
  4. Delivery

Online/Hybrid courses: Your peer evaluation will be an abbreviated Speech Critique delivered as a text post in a forum on the course management system website. References are not required for the peer evaluations. You will reply to the video linked by your partner with several paragraphs addressing their performance in the presentation.

The required paragraphs are listed below. Each should contain multiple sentences. The Speech Critique assignment description includes more detail about

  1. Discuss organization of the presentation
  2. Discuss research and supporting evidence in the presentation
  3. Delivery evaluation for the presenter
  4. Other comments (optional)
  5. Was the speech objective achieved? Why or why not?

Criteria for Success

Your peer feedback is part of your participation and professionalism grade. Your peer feedback will be evaluated based on the quality and usefulness of the feedback for the presenter. Peer feedback should demonstrate each of the four principles of effective feedback:

  1. Specific
  2. Objective
  3. Actionable
  4. Paired (Balanced)
  5. Professional

Peer Feedback Rubric

Component Points
Specific 1
Objective 1
Actionable 1
Paired 1
Professional 1