Video Submission

Overview: A video of you presenting in front of an audience of at least 5 adults. This is required for online classes and is optional for speakers who have a conflict with the in-class presentation date in traditional classes.

Purpose: If you are taking the class online or are submitting a presentation outside of a traditional class meeting, you will need to be able to submit your presentation by video instead of delivering it in person.

Due: Presentation video due dates are the same as for the assignment. See the course calendar for assignment due dates. Presentation videos turned in after the assignment due date will be considered late unless the absence is both excused and cannot be planned.

Submission Checklist:

  • ☐ Upload video to YouTube
  • ☐ Submit link to YouTube video to the assignment on Canvas
  • ☐ Upload presentation aid files (if any) to the assignment on Canvas

Detailed Description


To submit a presentation video you will need to prepare and post a video of your presentation on YouTube. The video must show the entire audience of 5 adults both before and after the presentation. The video needs to show the majority of the presenter’s body from the beginning of the presentation until the end of the presentation. The video must be recorded in a single, continuous shot – not edited in any way. Audio and video quality must be clear enough to be graded. YouTube videos may be set to public or unlisted, but cannot be turned in if they are uploaded as private. I recommend that you choose to upload your videos as “unlisted” videos. You may chose to switch the accessibility of these videos to “private” (recommended) or delete them (not recommended) once the presentation assignment has been graded.

Required Sections

  1. A view of the audience
  2. Your presentation
  3. A view of the audience


Presentation videos are graded according to the exact same criteria as in-person presentations. See each specific assignment for grading criteria. Videos that do not meet requirements posted above, or which have problems that make them ungradable, will score a zero and cannot be resubmitted

Common Problems with Videos

  • ☐ Audience not shown at beginning and/or end of video
  • ☐ Not enough people in the audience
  • ☐ Audio too quiet to hear
  • ☐ Noise during the presentation makes it inaudible
  • ☐ Poor audio quality that prevents understanding
  • ☐ Video not clear enough to see presentation
  • ☐ Video does not show the majority of the presenter's body
  • ☐ Presenter leaves the frame of the video
  • ☐ Visual aids are not shown in the video
  • ☐ Portions of video are missing
  • ☐ The video has been edited
  • ☐ The video is uploaded but set to private, so no one else can see it