Persuasive Presentation

Due Dates:

  • See the calendar for your section for the available presentation dates.
  • Outline and Visual Aid – two class meetings prior to your presentation.


Persuasive presentations are one of the most important types of presentations. Persuasion skills serve students throughout their lives. This presentation supports general education student learning outcome #1 and course student learning outcome #1.


In this assignment you will:

  • Prepare a persuasive presentation.
  • Organize evidence to support a persuasive argument.
  • Create an effective projected presentation aid.


This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content in this discipline:

  • Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
  • Presentation aids that are not projected


You will prepare and deliver a 7-minute, face-to-face presentation where you persuade your audience. You can select any topic you like, but keep in mind your audience and presentation environment (including the time available). Make sure you choose a topic that will require a majority of your audience to change their behaviors and beliefs. Be certain to include a specific proposal or call for action/change in your speech. You must state this clearly so your audience knows exactly what you want of them. When you finish your presentation, many of the members of your audience should have been persuaded to take the action you described in your call to action.

You must use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to organize your presentation. You must use at least two presentation aids in your speech. One presentation aid must be a PowerPoint-style visual aid which uses the assertion-evidence structure. The other presentation aid should be any other kind of presentation aid.

Criteria for Success

This presentation is graded out of 250 points.

Component Points
Preparation Outline 50
Visual Aid 50
Presentation 150

See the grading and feedback rubric for detail.


Here is an example outline for a persuasive presentation given in this class.1

Example Persuasive Outline 1 is a well-formatted outline which uses Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Example Persuasive Outline 1

  1. Many thanks to the students who have given me permission to use examples based on their work. Student consent forms are on file. ^