Practice Presentation

Due Dates:

  • See the calendar for your section for the available presentation dates.
  • Outline and Visual Aid – two class meetings prior to your presentation.


This assignment familiarizes students with the types of preparation work that are expected, when and how to turn in that preparation work, and classroom processes on presentation days.


In this assignment you will:

  • Orient yourself to the Moodle page for the class.
  • Practice the process to complete prepared presentation assignments in this class.
  • Familiarize yourself with the presentation space and resources.


This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content in this discipline:

  • Using projected visual aids
  • Preparing and practicing presentations


You will prepare and deliver a 1-minute, face-to-face presentation about a specific detail of your life (other than sports). You will inform your audience. Remember: An informative presentation should consist of mostly new information for your audience.

To complete the assignment, you will need to:

  1. Reserve a topic for your presentation on Moodle.
  2. Schedule a time for your presentation on Moodle.
  3. Create a preparation outline and submit it on Moodle.
  4. Create a projected visual aid and submit it on Moodle.
  5. Deliver your presentation face-to-face in front of an audience.

Criteria for Success

This presentation is graded for completion out of 25 points.

Component Points
Topic Reserved 5
Preparation Outline (on time) 5
Visual Aid (on time) 5
Presentation Delivered(on time) 10