Support Presentation

Due Dates:

  • See the calendar for your section for the available presentation dates.
  • Outline and Visual Aid – two class meetings prior to your presentation.


All presentations benefit from using a variety of forms of evidence from a variety of sources. This presentation provides a good opportunity to practice finding and incorporating a variety of forms of evidence from multiple sources and incorporating that information with appropriate citations.


In this assignment you will:

  • Deliver an informative prepared presentation face-to-face.
  • Organize evidence to support an informative argument.


This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content in this discipline:

  • Time management
  • Information literacy
  • Research skills


You will prepare and deliver a 5-minute, face-to-face presentation where you inform your audience about any subject you choose. You should have at least 3 sources to support this presentation. One of these sources must be an official US Federal, State, or Local Government report that is about 20 pages long or longer and which has been published within the last 3 years. You should not summarize this report. You are only using this report as one source of evidence to support your informative argument.

Criteria for Success

This presentation is graded out of 250 points.

Component Points
Preparation Outline 50
Visual Aid 50
Presentation 150

See the grading and feedback rubric for detail.


Here is an example of a visual aid that uses the Assertion-Evidence structure for each of the three forms of evidence which are commonly presented visually.

Example Visual


  • Thanks to TJ Kimble for his improvements to this assignment, incorporated beginning in v0.05.