Communication as a Field of Study

Course(s) Used:

  • Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication

Goals and Objectives:

  • Students understand the organization of the course.
  • Students know how to succeed in the course.
  • Students are introduced and have contact info for peers in the course.

Rationale: This lesson orients students to communication as a requirement at this university, the degree programs available, the importance of studying communication as part of the general education curriculum, and the ways to satisfy the general education requirement.

Formative Assessment:

  • Download the activity document from the Learning Management System
  • Conduct an interview with a friend or family member who has been active in their career for at least 5 years as a full-time worker
  • Record the answers and upload the document to the Activity Dropbox for this week

Materials Needed


  • None


  • Classroom computer and projector

Outline of the Lesson

  1. Communication as a General Education Requirement
    1. Public Speaking
    2. Interpersonal Communication
    3. Team & Small Group Communication
    4. Argumentation & Debate
  2. Communication Programs at Tusculum University
    1. BA in English: Communication & Public Relations
    2. AA in General Studies: Communication
    3. Minor in Communication
  3. Formative Assessment
    1. Students conduct an interview with a friend or family member who is established in a career (at least 5 years full-time experience)
    2. Students submit the answers to the questions
  4. Review & Lesson closing


This activity is difficult to do in a classroom setting, but works well in asynchronous online classes.

Variations and Accommodations

Follow guidance from local accommodation authorities.