PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Course(s) Used:

  • Public Speaking

Goals and Objectives:

  • Students have been familiarized with a variety of shortcuts for navigating slide shows in Microsoft PowerPoint

Rationale: Fumbling through slide navigation damages credibility and takes audiences out of the presentation. Familiarity with these tips will result in a much more polished presentation.

Materials Needed




  • Classroom computer and projector

Outline of the Lesson

  1. Review of previous session’s content
  2. Lesson opening
  3. Starting the Presentation
  4. Navigating to the next/previous slide
  5. Jumping to specific slides in the presentation
  6. Blanking the slide show
  7. Exiting the presentation
  8. Accessing the shortcut help tool
  9. Face-to-face Formative Assessment:
    1. Group students into groups of 2-3. Ensure each group has access to a laptop
    2. Practice the slide show navigation tools
    3. Debrief the activity
  10. Hybrid/Online Formative Assessment:
    1. Download this document:
    2. Conduct the exercise as explained in the recorded lesson
    3. Submit the activity here
  11. Lesson closing


This lesson requires student access to online resources and personal computers. Strategic grouping may be needed for face-to-face lessons. Variations and Accommodations

Variations and Accommodations

Follow guidance from local accommodation authorities. Please contact your instructor if any accommodations are necessary.