Finding and Using Images

Course(s) Used:

  • Public Speaking

Goals and Objectives:

  • Students can identify a variety of sources for images.
  • Students can evaluate images for different uses.
  • Students can create slides and handouts which incorporate images effectively.
  • Students understand how to cite images.
  • Students understand licensing and usage rights for copyrighted.
  • Students can address accessibility concerns for images.

Rationale: Integrating images effectively is a vital part of constructing a well-developed visual aid. Visual aids which use the Assertion-Evidence Structure rely on images as one of their primary modes of presenting visual evidence. Integrating images is an area that students frequently struggle with.

Materials Needed


  • A computer with Internet access for demonstration


  • At least one computer with Internet access per group

Outline of the Lesson

  1. Review of previous session’s content
  2. Lesson opening
  3. Open classroom discussion of why we need to use images
  4. Introduction of sources
    1. Google Images
    2. Flickr
    3. Wikimedia Commons
    4. Other sources
  5. Choosing effective images
    1. Resolution
    2. Aspect Ratio
    3. Backgrounds
  6. Using images in PowerPoint-style presentations
    1. Effects
    2. Attribution
    3. Licensing
    4. Accessibility
  7. Using images in handouts or other presentation aids
    1. Effects
    2. Attribution
    3. Licensing
    4. Accessibility
  8. Face-to-face Formative Assessment:
    • Students work in teams to create both a PowerPoint-style and a handout presentation aid. These should include at least three images that provide evidence for a clear assertion. They use personal computers to create these presentation aids and share them with the class when complete. Questions groups should answer in front of the class include:
      • “Where did you find your images?”
      • “What did you find most challenging about this project?”
      • “What do you think your visual aids do best?”
      • “What aspect of these visual aids could use the most improvement?”
  9. Hybrid/Online Formative Assessment:
    1. Download the activity document from the Learning Management System
    2. Located and insert the required images, providing appropriate citation
    3. Upload the document to the activity on the Learning Management System
  10. Lesson closing


This lesson requires a classroom computer, a projector, and Internet access for demonstration. The students will need to bring their own computers if the class does not have access to a computer lab.

Variations and Accommodations

Follow guidance from local accommodation authorities. Students for whom technology usage will present an unreasonable burden be accommodated on an individual basis. Students may be placed in groups strategically if needed.